Box Elder Bugs

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Boxelder bugs are regular problem pests in our area. They’re likely going to invade your property at some point. If you’re lucky, they won’t enter your home. They’re small and black with flat wings. Since the boxelder bug is only half an inch, they’ll enter your home through small cracks.

Reasons For Boxelder Bug Invasions

Homeowners should learn more about the reasons for boxelder bug invasions. These pests belong to the overwintering category. Therefore, they’re primarily going to enter homes in winter to remain warm. They’ll enter your home and remain there until it gets hot outside. Once this happens, these overwintering pests will be eager to get outside in the sun.

How Dangerous Are Boxelder Bugs?

Although they’re a nuisance, the boxelder bugs in your home aren’t going to make people sick.

Best Way To Eliminate Boxelder Bugs

Make sure you find a reliable solution to this problem right away. Our technicians are ready to help. Once you’ve found these pests hiding in your home, call our office. We’ll do our best to remove them for you quickly.

Removing Boxelder Bugs On Your Own

Ultimately, you can try experimenting with do-it-yourself bedbug bug treatments, but we can’t recommend it. These products come with too many risks. Use them incorrectly and you’ll put your loved ones in a dangerous situation. Protect your spouse, kids, and pets by letting us eradicate them.

Our Timeline

Our technicians are standing by. Call our office and we’ll do our best to call you within 24 to 48 hours.

The Safest Boxelder Bug Treatments

We are going to provide you with the safest boxelder bug treatments. You can count on us to protect you during each phase of the treatment process. Our technicians are only going to use EPA-approved products. Therefore, you can sleep soundly knowing everyone in your home is going to be protected from start to finish. We won’t let you down or expose you to dangerous chemicals.

Preventing Boxelder Bugs From Entering Your Home

Do what you much to keep these pests from invading your home. Seal all entry points you can find on your outer walls to keep them away.

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