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Are you worried about cockroaches invading your home? You should be. Cockroaches can create serious problems and lead to serious repercussions. If you find cockroaches in or around your property, it is pertinent to do something about it right away. Otherwise, you’ll drag your feet and allow the infestation to worsen. Although there are roughly 4,000 species, only 30 cockroach species have been known to enter and hide in human dwellings. Approximately five or so species can be found in our area. Remember that the infestation’s circumstances are going to vary depending on the cockroach you’re dealing with.

Therefore, you have to learn more about the cockroaches in your home before doing anything. You can count on us because we’re leaders in the industry. Call our office and we’ll find out what is going on right away.

More About Cockroach Species

Homeowners must learn more about the species on their property. It is pertinent to do this before you can rectify the problem. Call us because we know more about cockroaches than anyone.

German Cockroaches

First, you might encounter German cockroaches in your area. The cockroach is small compared to the other cockroaches in your city since it only reaches 5/8ths of an inch. German cockroach infestations are going to worsen rapidly because these pests are prolific breeders. Ignore the problem and it’ll grow. A female can easily produce up to 40 eggs in each capsule. When they invade a residence, they’re going to begin hiding under warm appliances.

American Cockroaches

While they’re called American cockroaches, they’re found in our area. They’re one of the largest cockroaches here because they regularly grow over two inches. It is pertinent to do something about the infestation before these pests aren’t going to leave willingly. Thankfully, our technicians are trained to eliminate American cockroaches. If this is what you’re dealing with, call our office. We’re confident that our technicians will rectify the problem swiftly and safely. American cockroaches can live for a long time so they’re not going to disappear quickly. Instead, they’ll remain on your property until you let us remove them for you.

You may encounter several other cockroaches. Continue reading to learn more about the lesser-known cockroaches in our area.

Pennsylvania Wood Cockroaches

Female and male cockroaches from this species are much different. When you spot them, you may not realize that they belong to the same species. Females are smaller and have shorter wings. Although these cockroaches thrive in the eastern portion of the United States, they regularly travel. They often reach our area. They infest homes that have overflowing rain gutters and woodpiles. Thankfully, they aren’t going to reproduce in your home.

Oriental Cockroaches

The oriental cockroach often grows over an inch in length. You can spot the male and females by looking for wings. A female will never develop wings. A male may have wings that cover three-quarters of their body. One thing that sets them apart from American cockroaches is the fact that oriental cockroaches often thrive in cold weather. If you have them on your property, they’ll be found outside in your garbage.

Smokey Brown Cockroaches

These cockroaches regularly grow over an inch and have a reddish-brown hue. They’re primarily found in the southern United States but sometimes travel north. They can be found in our area but not often. They have a lot in common with American cockroaches and oriental cockroaches. Just remember that adults have full wings and they’re always the same color.

Spotted Mediterranean Cockroaches

The Spotted Mediterranean cockroach is one of the smallest cockroaches in our area at only a third of an inch. The cockroach is light with a few dark speckles covering its body. While these cockroaches are native to Europe, they’ve been in our region for many years. They might enter your home, but they won’t reproduce inside. Instead, they prefer staying outside and hanging out near foliage.

Brown-Banded Cockroaches

The brown-banded cockroach is just half an inch in length with a light tan color. Thanks to its unique size and characteristics, some people believe they’re German cockroaches. The primary difference is the fact this cockroach does not have racing stripes. They can be found in our area, but they do not commonly infest structures.

Surinam Cockroaches

Finally, you’re going to run into Surinam cockroaches. These cockroaches are only three-quarters of an inch, but they can quickly create a large infestation in your home. Since they prefer warm climates, it is uncommon for them to reach our city. If they arrive on your property, you’re likely going to find them in your greenhouse. Since all these cockroaches are female, they’ll hold eggs until they hatch. Once this happens, the Surinam cockroach will give live birth.

Reasons You Have Cockroaches

Once you’ve found cockroaches on your property, you’re likely curious why they’re there. Ultimately, there are endless reasons cockroaches will invade properties in our area. Most are interested in entering your home and consuming your food. However, some are looking for other things. They might be searching for access to steam tunnels, sewer systems, or overflowing gutters.

Cockroach Fatalities

A severe cockroach infestation could indeed be dangerous. It could potentially be fatal. The cockroaches in your home are going to reproduce and spread rapidly. As more cockroaches enter your home, the risk to your health is going to be significantly higher. Despite not biting or stinging, cockroaches are indeed incredibly dangerous. Cockroaches regularly cause outbreaks of food poisoning and salmonella. They’ll contaminate any food items in your home. If you eat these foods, you might experience diarrhea, dysentery, and other problems. An infestation of cockroaches can also make your asthma symptoms worse.

Effective Way To Eliminate Cockroaches

It is vital to find a solution to your cockroach infestation rapidly. Failing to do so is going to put your loved ones at risk. Don’t delay calling our office because we offer the most reliable and effective treatment for cockroaches. Our technicians have been doing this for many, many years. Therefore, we can rectify the problem quicker than anyone in your area. Besides cleaning your home, you can also try using DIY sprays. Just remember that these products are going to expose you to potentially dangerous chemicals. Be careful with these pesticides because they could make you sick. Let us do it so you can maintain your peace of mind.

We’ll Call You Back

Don’t wait. Call our local office immediately. We’ll call you back shortly.

Safer Cockroach Solutions

We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that our clients receive safer cockroach solutions. We’re going to do whatever it takes to protect you and your loved ones. We’ve trained our technicians extensively to ensure that they can eliminate these pests without exposing anyone to dangerous chemicals. We use EPA-registered products because they’re reliable and safe. Put your faith in us and we’ll do our best to keep you safe. If you have any questions, call our office. We’ll happily tell you more about our safe cockroach solutions.

Avoiding Future Invasions Of Roaches

Stop cockroaches from invading your home in the future. Each day, clean your home from top to bottom. Once you’ve done this, be sure to seal any gaps you can find. Taking these steps will make it harder for these pests to enter your residence.

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