What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away

Essential OilsPeople are doing some truly amazing things with scents and essential oils these days. Would you even be surprised to learn that people are deterring and eliminating bedbugs with these powerful products? That’s right, and bed bugs are one of the bedbugs that are being targeted. Given their recent resurgence throughout the United States, this is fitting. The entire theory is extremely exciting. Evidence shows that scientists have been researching essential oils for decades. This research was to determine how effective specific essential oils were for deterring specific bedbugs.


Regardless, one must always remember that bed bugs are resilient parasites. One of the most in the world. Therefore, essential oils and scents are only going to offer so much reprieve. Scents like blood orange oil, paraffin oil, silicone oil, and spearmint have proven to be more of the effective options available today, but they still only offer so much. Simply put, it is best to be equipped with backup plan after backup plan.


This is something we are more than happy to help you accomplish. Whether you are trying to prevent an infestation, remove one, or just detect it on the property, we are here. All you must do is reach out to our local office and we’ll get someone on the property as quickly as possible.

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