Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

Most people know a handful of things about bed bugs. Of these things, it is the fact that the bugs are adept hiders that is the most well-known. Just about everyone knows that bed bugs can hide in some of the hardest-to-access places. However, they don’t truly understand what problems this really creates. Because of their body shape, natural color, and ability to avoid humans, the bed bug can remain in a property for months while going undetected. They are such good hiders that it becomes almost necessary to know how to lure them out of hiding just to determine you have an infestation. Whatever the situation is, if you are going to force the bedbugs out of hiding or just perform a simple search, you are going to need to know where to start. That’s exactly what our trained experts are here to help with. Here are common areas that you’ll want to keep in mind when searching for bed bugs on your property.

Mattresses And Box Springs 

If there is a bed bug infestation on your property, you can guarantee that you’ll find bugs hiding in your mattress and box spring. The main reason these bugs frequently use these areas as residences is because it provides them with quick and easy access to human hosts. Bed bugs like to be near their main food source. Since they are parasitic and feed on human blood, you’ll be that host. They’ll jump on you and feed on your blood before returning to their hiding place. They’ll do this to avoid detection.

The Bed Frame

If bed bugs can be found in your mattress and box springs, you’ll also likely find them in your bed frame. This is also a hiding place that provides quick access to human hosts. Also, remember most bed frames are reddish-brown or wood, which resembles that of the bed bug’s body. This is just going to make it all that much more difficult to locate and eliminate the bedbug. Using a flashlight and checking the small gaps might help make the process a little more bearable. Check where the rails meet the head and footboards, and other common areas with gaps and cracks.

Linens And Covers

Bed bugs are also frequent purveyors of sheets and covers. Unfortunately, when they’re found in these locations it probably means the infestation has grown out of control. This will be an excellent time to get our office on the line. Eliminating them as quickly as possible should become your top priority. The only good thing about an infestation like this is the bugs are much easier to spot.

Rugs And Carpets

During the early stages of the infestation, you might be able to locate bugs in the rugs and carpets. If you find the bugs here, consider yourself lucky because it is highly likely they’ve just unlatched from your shoes or luggage and entered the home. You might be able to catch and stop the infestation before it grows too far spread.

Upholstered Furniture Pieces

When you think about it, an upholstered piece of furniture like a couch or sofa is extremely similar to a bed. Human hosts sometimes sleep in these areas, and they provide access to a variety of hiding spots. They can hide in the cushions, under the armrests, behind the legs, and in all kinds of other possible locations. If you find bed bugs in these pieces, you’ll likely want to get our office on the phone. It doesn’t help that couches and other upholstered furniture pieces are oftentimes installed in bedrooms. Just remember these are only a few of the potential hiding spots. Bed bugs are opportunistic pests and will take up residence just about anywhere they can, given the right opportunity.

Start Your Search For Bed Bugs

Given that bed bugs will hide just about anywhere, you honestly need to know how to look for them. While this is something we can do for you with the utmost efficiency, you can do this on your own accord, as long as you don’t spread the infestation. That’s where most homeowners make their first and biggest mistake, further spreading the infestation. The first thing you need to know is, bed bugs are only active when you are supposedly asleep. This will most likely be at night, so this is when you’ll want to begin your search. If you can’t afford to stay up all night, you can mimic the night conditions by drawing the curtains, shutting the doors, and eliminating all light. Bed bugs are also attracted to heat and expelled CO2. There are a variety of ways you can mimic these elements as well. You can use a hairdryer or heating pad to mimic the heat. You can even do something as plain and simple as turning up the heat in your bedroom. Luring bed bugs out into the open isn’t that hard. It just takes a bit of out-of-the-box thinking. With this in mind, eliminating them entirely will not be easy. It will likely require the assistance of a trained, experienced professional. We are here for you and all you must do is reach out to our local office.

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