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Ladybugs are beetles regularly found in our area. At the minimum, ladybugs only reach 1/32 of an inch. At the maximum, they’re going to reach half an inch. These Coccinellidae members are primarily yellow, red, or orange. Their vibrant wings are covered with small black dots. There are more than 5,000 species but only 450 being native to North America. While most ladybugs are harmless, a few species are considered pests. Another thing to note is that ladybugs are helpful because they help dispose of mites, mealybugs, aphids, and other small pests.

You can release ladybugs in your gardens to protect them from unwanted guests.

What Causes Ladybug Infestations?

You’ve likely wondered why ladybugs are eager to enter a residence. Ultimately, they’re going to do so because they are overwintering pests. They cannot tolerate cold temperatures and prevent hiding in residential and commercial structures. If they can find a way to enter your residence, they will. Then, they’ll stay put until the temperatures in the area begin increasing. Once this happens, the ladybugs in your home will come out and return outside.

Ladybug Health Risks

While ladybugs create an abundance of problems, these pests aren’t going to make you sick. Ladybugs are not physically dangerous. Even if they nip your skin, it won’t hurt or bring blood. Still, you’ll find that have hundreds of Asian lady beetles in your home will be a major annoyance. Get rid of them so you can rest comfortably at home.

Ways To Eliminate Infestations Of Ladybugs

Don’t ignore the ladybugs in your home because they’re not going to leave anytime soon. You have to do something about it promptly so your loved ones can sleep comfortably at home. When you’re ready to begin, pick up the phone and call our office. We employ the best technicians in the industry. Therefore, you can depend on us to take care of the problem safely and swiftly.

Removing Ladybugs On Your Own

Certain DIY products could help you eliminate ladybugs. Nevertheless, these products are not recommended. Using them haphazardly could expose you and your loved ones to dangerous chemicals. Plus, some of them are unsafe. Some are inefficient. Call our office and schedule an appointment today. We’ll rectify the problem quicker and safer than you could with DIY methods.


We’re eager to begin helping you. After your first call, we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Only Safe Treatments

We’re serious about protecting our clients. We couldn’t imagine doing anything that could potentially harm you or your loved ones. We’ve worked diligently to ensure that our clients are going to be protected to the fullest. We’ll start by rectifying the problem using the latest products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Our methods are safe and reliable. Rest assured knowing we’ll protect you to the fullest.

Preventing Invasions Of Ladybugs At Home

Properly seal any gaps on your outer walls. Doing so will keep the pests out so you don’t have to worry about eliminating them. If they invade your home, call our office and we’ll remove them.

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