Conventional Treatment

Conventional TreatmentWe offer a handful of pest control services. Besides eco-friendly treatments, we also offer conventional pest control services. We aim to satisfy all clients, so we believe it is necessary to offer a wide assortment of solutions. While some clients prefer avoiding conventional products, others prefer them. If you fit into this group, we recommend teaming up with us. Our technicians know how to use conventional treatments safely and reliably. We rely heavily on the study conducted at Purdue University that says an exterminator will need to visit the home multiple times.

We’ll take these protocols one step further to guarantee satisfactory results.

  • We’re going to visit your home at least three times
  • During our first two visits, your home will be inspected and treated for bedbugs
  • During the last visit, we’re going to check your home for bedbugs
  • If we find any bedbugs during the last visit, we’ll treat the home again
  • We wait at least a week or two between visits to ensure all bedbug eggs have hatched

We’re eager to help you resolve this problem. Contact our office so we can believe helping you resolve this problem right away. Rest assured knowing we only use pesticides designed to eliminate bedbugs.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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