What You Need To Know Before Traveling To Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Preparing for a trip abroad can be challenging, especially for first-timers. However, there are things that you can do to make sure you are fully prepared for such an undertaking. If you are fully prepared, you will be guaranteed to gain entrance into the country and have a wonderful trip. Follow the tips below to prepare for your trip to Mississauga, Ontario Canada.

Get A Passport

The first thing you will need to do is apply for a passport. However, you can skip this process if you are planning to enter the country by boat or land. For Americans who are planning to enter the country through a Canadian airport a passport is a necessity. If you are a citizen of another country besides America, you may need a visa to enter the country. Just make sure you know which documents you need to enter Canada in plenty of time before your trip. It is important to note that some international travelers will require an Electronic Travel Authorization or ETA to enter Canada.

Required To Complete A Declaration Card

All passengers on airplanes must complete a Declaration Card. This document provides Canadian officials with information about travelers entering into Canada. Along with the Declaration Card, you will need to provide officials with your identification and travel documents.

Know Your Travel Path

Some passengers are required to connect to other flights just to reach their final destination. Knowing your path in advance will help you make all of the transitions easier. Just the mere fact that you may have to change flights can be stressful, since the process requires another baggage check and screening. However, knowing in advance that you are going to need to repeat these procedures will make things a little easier.

Know The Attractions

One of Mississauga’s most popular attractions is Wahoosh Falls. This attraction features a 10-foot waterfall, which is considered small, but nonetheless beautiful. The falls is located at Burnhampthrope Road and Mississauga Road.

For golf lovers, the BraeBen Golf Course is awaiting your arrival. The course features both a nine and 18-hole course. The course hosts various championships throughout the year. Another popular golf course in Mississauga is Lakeview. This is an 18-hold course that also hosts championships.

Gather Your Identification Documents

In order to confirm your right to enter the country, you will need to provide officials with the proper identification. There are a variety of documents that can be utilized for this purpose. These documents include an Enhanced Identification Card or Enhanced Driver’s License, Free and Secure Trade Card, certificate of Indian status, birth certificate and driver’s license.

Proper Documents For Children

Traveling with children will mean double the work. Not only will your children need their birth certificate and passport, but also they will need a copy of their legal custody documents, if you share custody. To make the transition easier for you and your children, it may be a good idea to obtain a consent letter from the other custodial parent. This document should contain both parent’s full names, addresses and telephone numbers.


Prepare For Detailed Inspections


Border patrol officers are required to conduct detailed inspections on passengers that look suspicious. You should not be offended if you are asked to go through one of these inspections. However, it is okay to ask the officer who is requesting the inspection to explain its purpose. Some travelers are required to undergo a detailed inspection so they can identify the goods that they are transporting into Canada. During the inspection, you will be required to provide the officer with full access to all of your suitcases.




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