Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

Residential bed bug infestations can be more than a hassle. They can be a downright pain in more ways than one. These pesky parasites won’t just make your skin crawl, but they’ll make it itch. Their bites have been known to leave unsightly, itchy red welts. On top of all of this, they can cause mental anguish that’ll keep you awake for days at a simple. Simply put, it’s not something you want to contend with. Not something you should have to contend with in your kingdom. And, you won’t have to when you choose the right bed bug mattress covers.

What Are Bed Bug Mattress Covers And How Do They Protect You?

A bed bug mattress is just one of the many tools that can be used for bed bug elimination. This being said it is also a tool that can be used for prevention, making it one of the more effective tools to have in your arsenal when it comes to the fight against bed bugs. A bed bug mattress cover is virtually nothing more than a big plastic garbage bag. Way more complex and sophisticated, nonetheless, but virtually a big plastic garbage bag that engulfs your mattress. As simple as design and theory are, the tool is essential in your area, given all the recent reported infestations.

Choosing The Very Best Bed Bug Mattress Covers For Your Home

If you take just a minute to research bed bug mattress covers online, you’ll quickly discover there are a variety. Not only are there many different styles and designs, but these styles and designs are offered by varying manufacturers. Simply put, choosing one can be overwhelming, especially for someone who just discovered their property has been invaded for the first time. Therefore, it becomes imperative to learn exactly what to look for when choosing one of the products for your home. Choosing a quality mattress cover will not only potentially save you money in the long run, but it’ll ensure your home stays bedbug-free for the foreseeable future.

It Must Fully Cover The Mattress

First and foremost, the mattress cover must fully encapsulate the mattress. Think of a garbage bag or a sandwich bag. If the bag doesn’t harbor all the contents, it is useless. The same theory applies to the mattress cover. If it doesn’t fully encapsulate your mattress, you might as well not even be using the product. This is because it allows the bugs to escape and return to the mattress. The whole working theory of the product is to trap bugs inside the mattress, while also preventing new ones from making it their home. With this in mind, sometimes getting this part of the equation right requires nothing more than choosing the right size. If you own a king-sized mattress, choose a king-size topper. You can likely even go a size bigger if it’s your only option, but you can never go a size too small.

It Must Secure The Mattress Fully

Not only must the cover fully encapsulate the mattress, but it must seal around the mattress properly. Even if the topper entirely covers the mattress fully, it will still be considered useless if bugs can escape and return. It will be imperative for a quality cover to secure the mattress. Most of the best designs usually not only include reinforced seams on the zipper, but they include a zipper cover. This is just an extra wrap or piece of material that goes around the teeth of the zipper track once fully zipped shut, offering an even more secure seal.

It Must Pass All Testing

A product or theory can seem good, but it is never proven effective until applied in the field. Just because it looks good on paper, doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll hold up. You’d be surprised how many covers have failed in the field. Don’t be the one to discover the product won’t hold up in the field. You can avoid this by choosing one that’s already been tested. Better yet, choose one that’s been third-party tested, preventing the company from skewing the test results in their favor. If you do not find this data available on the product packaging, do not hesitate to reach out to the manufacturer.


There are a lot of varying opinions when it comes to mattress covers. This is because there are so many things that can go wrong. One tiny rip, a small tear, or even an improper installation can all render these products useless. Therefore, it is imperative to turn the pros when dealing with products like these and similar. Our highly skilled, trained, and knowledgeable staff is here to help. All you must do is reach out. Have questions, want an in-home consultation, or just want to speak to someone on the phone, give our local office a call.