How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding

People are learning new, exciting, and useful things about bed bugs every day. Despite this, there is still an incredible amount of information unknown about these pesky parasites. All this being said, there is one thing that is well-known about these bugs. That is that they are extremely cryptic. With their cryptic abilities, these nuisances can remain in your home going undetected for months and months at a time. We do not need to tell you what kind of problems this can create.

Know When To Attack

One of the things that make bed bugs so hard to detect and locate in the home is they try to avoid detection. These pesky parasitic pests will rearrange their entire lives to opposite that of yours. If you sleep during the day, they will sleep at night just so they can feed while you sleep and remain undetected. This along with a variety of other cryptic measures and these pests are amongst some of the hardest to locate. Simply put, you’ll have to be smart about the way you approach detecting the bedbugs. You’ll want to be looking when they are going to be active. This, of course, will be when you are supposedly sleeping.

Utilizing The Right Traps

You are now ready to begin the actual procuring of the bedbugs. This is where the work begins, although you won’t be anything more than choosing the traps to utilize. However, this will be much harder than you’d imagine because there are so many to choose from. You’ll have the dish-like device, the CO2 device, the heating device, and a combination of the two. The dish device simply installs near the legs of the bed and is designed so that the bugs enter but are unable to escape. The other traps work similarly. The only difference is these other traps utilize heat and CO2 to actually lure the pesky parasites in. Some traps even use a combination of the two with glue paper, instead of a dish design. This just doubly ensures the bugs are unable to escape once in the trap.

Take Advantage Of The Pest Management Pro

Regardless of the methods, you choose to utilize to lure bugs out of hiding, there is no better than the experienced pest management professional. Our firm like ours utilizes the above traps and lures in combination with cutting-edge technology to lure these pests out of hiding. We have been tracking and eliminating bed bugs since we opened our doors. Whatever you need, we are here for you and your family. All you must do is give us a call and we’ll dispatch someone out to handle the issue, whatever it is! Be sure to inquire about our free bed bug inspection and consultation services.

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