I Found A Few Bed Bugs – Does That Mean I’m Dealing With An Infestation?

Finding a few bed bugs in the home or on the property might not seem like a big deal to many. A lot of people just treat the situation like finding a couple of ants or stink bugs. Unfortunately, this is not the right approach. Bed bugs are a major nuisance and not dealing with them right away could mean major problems. Even just one bug could be the start of a nightmarish scenario you’d much rather avoid. In fact, that’s the biggest problem with finding bed bugs in the home. People always end up making the wrong moves, ultimately making the situation all that much worse. Don’t let this happen to you by arming yourself with the right information.

Why One Bed Bug Could Be A Problem

The biggest reason that finding a bed bug in the home or on the property is a problem is that these bugs try to avoid detection. That’s right, they aren’t like your common ant or stink bug. These pesky parasites are smart enough to know that you don’t want them in the home and will do whatever is necessary to avoid detection. Therefore, they only feed when you are sleeping. They’ll also rearrange their entire schedules to opposite that of yours so they can feed when you are sleeping. For instance, if you sleep at night, they’ll sleep during the day. With this in mind, the situation is only going to quantify if one of the bugs you find is female. Female bed bugs are prolific reproducers, with the ability to lay nearly 500 eggs in a single lifetime. It might not sound like a lot, but these are incredible numbers when you sit down and think about it. While these bugs are hard enough to detect in the home, you can distinguish the males from the female by examining the abdomens. Males have pointed abdomens, whereas females have more rounded abdomens.

How To Spot Bed Bugs

Dealing with bed bugs is best done during the earliest stages possible. Therefore, you want to learn the early detection signs and stay on top of them. Bloodstains – With their parasitic abilities, drops of blood or droplets are likely to show up on your sheets when these pests feed. In addition to this, it’s possible you might roll over and crush one during the night while it feeds. Either way, keep an eye out for blood on the sheets. Exoskeletons – A lot of people are surprised to learn that bed bug shed their original skins, Doing so leaves behind clear, near-translucent skins that resemble that of the bugs. Eggs/Egg Casings – They are only about the size of a pinpoint, but they mean major problems. If you spot eggs, it means more bugs are on the way or have just recently hatched. Fecal Matter – Any time there is feeding there is going to be bowl movements. Bed bug fecal matter usually shows up in black blots on the sheets. They look similar to ink spots. Bite Marks – Not everyone reacts to bed bug bites, but it is extremely rare not to. While the bites are similar to mosquito or flea bites, bed bug bites usually only show up on the exposed parts of the skin while you sleep. This is usually the shins, legs, ankles, neck, face, hands, and arms Avoid Making The Wrong Moves While it is imperative to detect and eliminate bed bugs as soon as possible, it is also important to not do the wrong things. Doing the wrong things is where most homeowners make mistakes. They either end up panicking or trying to treat the infestation themselves, only make the problem far worse. Therefore, it is imperative to know exactly how to react. The first thing is to remain calm. Do not panic cause you can control bed bugs with a careful inspection and utilizing the proper control methods. Secondly, you do not want to try to eliminate these pests using agricultural or garden pesticides. These products are not only not potent enough for the situation at hand, but they could potentially make your family very ill. In addition to this, you’ll want to avoid DIY or homemade products, as they’ll likely offer the same potential results. Do not relocate to another room of the home. Doing so will just cause the bugs to follow you to that part of the home. Bed bugs oftentimes stay confined to one room where they have access to everything they need. If they aren’t getting what they need, they will go in search, Avoid storing things under your bed and creating more clutter, as this will just provide the bugs with more potential hiding spots. Reaching Out To Your Local, Friendly Pest Management Pro If you even suspect your home has been invaded, you’ll want to reach out to a professional pest management firm. Although we are not saying you must reach out to us, we do recommend turning to someone who will handle the problem with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. Just like you can make the infestation worse, an inexperienced individual claiming to be a professional could do the same thing. Take your time to do a bit of research and make sure you choose an aboveboard, reputable company.

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